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Listen • Speak • Engage COMM 100W, Writing Workshop page 1 of 1 Quiz #1 Reading Study Guide 1. What is a peer-refereed or peer-reviewed journal article? Where can you find one? What makes it special or valuable? 2. Why is trying to “write it right the first time” so dangerous (p. 39)? What advice does Elbow give for reducing the danger? 3. What does Elbow mean when he observes that “we learn to hear with other ears” (p. xxi)? 4. What does it mean to say that the writing process is recursive?
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Unformatted text preview: What often happens to writers if they make the writing process stages rigid, or if they confuse revising and editing? 5. What is the goal of freewriting? How does freewriting work? What are its advantages? 6. How is sharing one’s writing beneficial? To whom? How so? 7. What does it mean to shift back and forth between writer-consciousness and reader-consciousness? Which perspective is valuable when? How so?...
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