Expert - Ask the Expert For this assignment, you will need...

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Ask the Expert For this assignment, you will need to answer five of the following real life questions that have been addressed to ‘experts’ (e.g., Dear Abby, child nutrition experts, child psychologists, etc.). Your responses should be based on sound scientific evidence, but written so that the average parent or child writing the question can understand. You need only one research article per response. You should answer one question from each of the four major developmental periods (e.g., infancy/early childhood, preschool, school-age, and adolescence) and one from the other category. Each response should be no more than one page typed (double space). You should reproduce the question you respond to at the beginning of the paper. Although you should not cite in text (pretend you are Dear Abby answering and follow her format), you should provide a footnote indicating the source of your answer in APA format for references at the bottom of the page. You should, directly in your answer, provide a credible source for the writer that will provide further information/assistance and that is appropriate for a “non-professional” (e.g., the Santa Clara County First 5 handbook for parents on School Readiness). Your responses will be evaluated based on the quality, relevance, and practicality of your advice as well as the justification you provide for that advice. There is no ‘right answer’. Infancy/Early Childhood: 1. “Question: My 2-year-old comes home from child-care swearing. He must have picked up the cursing from one of the other kids, because we don’t use that kind of language. And he must have gotten a big response when he let loose with a few chosen words, because now he loves to swear. At first we ignored it, but now we can’t. What should we do?” 2 . “Question: Our 23-month-old son – our first child – has developed an attachment to a match- box sized train. He has not let go of it for a month. It keeps him from doing things such as throwing a ball, drawing and playing with other toys. If he drops it or can’t find it in his crib at night, he is hysterical. Is it all right to let him have such an attachment? If not, how do we take it away?” 3 . Question: Our baby cries every night starting in the late afternoon and on and off into the late hours. She is 2 months old and it is wearing me and my husband out to take turns walking her. We can never even sit down at the same time. We think maybe she has colic, but a friend told us there is no such thing. Nothing we do seems to help. Last night I found my exhausted husband crying with her. Any suggestions?” 4 . “Dear Abby: Our son and his wife keep a cold beer in the refrigerator for their 8-month-old baby. They routinely give him “sips”. To me, this is abuse and a danger to our grandson. To add to my dismay, there is alcoholism on both sides of the family. They are determined not to listen to me.
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Expert - Ask the Expert For this assignment, you will need...

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