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San José State University Communication Studies COMM 116P, Mediation: Theory and Practice                             Spring 2010  Area: Practice Instructor: Brohne Lawhorne, J.D. Office location: 2310 North First Street, Suite 104, 95131 Telephone: 831-227-4305 1 Email: Office hours: Tuesday / Thursday / Friday 3:30 p.m. – Class days/time: Wednesday 6:00 p.m. – 8:45 p.m. Classroom: Hugh Gillis Hall (HGH) 229 Prerequisites: Completion of GE oral communication Catalog Description Theoretical background and communication skills training in mediation practice. Basic 40 hours of training includes readings, analysis and role plays, as well as some observation. Succeeding in a Four-Unit Course  At SJSU, students are expected to spend two hours outside of class for every one hour of class time. Because this is a four unit class, you can expect to spend a minimum of eight hours per week in addition to time spent in class and on scheduled tutorials or activities. Special projects or assignments may require additional work for the course. Careful time management will help you keep up with readings and assignments and enable you to be successful in all of your courses. Please be aware that this course requires you to participate in a mediation training program and online journal activity, both of which will require extensive time and effort outside of class. Foundations, Inquiry, PRACTICE Each course in the Department of Communication Studies primarily focuses on one of three areas: Foundations (theoretical underpinnings of the discipline), Inquiry (research in the discipline), or Practice (application of communication theories and concepts to real world contexts). COMM 116P is a Practice course. Although the course addresses theory (foundations) and research (inquiry), the primary purpose of COMM 116P is to help you improve your skills in designing and facilitating dialogic communication to manage conflict. Practice Area Objectives This course satisfies the PRACTICE area of Communication Studies learning objectives. All PRACTICE courses, including COMM 116P, share these learning objectives. 1. Theory Applications : Demonstrate the ability to apply communication theory and research in practical contexts. 2. Communication Competence: Demonstrate the ability to communicate competently in a variety of contexts, such as interpersonal, small group, organizational, intercultural, mediated, and public communication. 1 Please note, I do not respond to email or voicemail in the evenings or during the weekends unless prior arrangements have been made. COMM 116PSpring 2010
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Lawhorne_116P_01 - Listen Speak Engage San Jos State...

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