Book Review Grading Rubric

Book Review Grading Rubric - of logic, bias, and...

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BOOK REVIEW GRADING RUBRIC EXCELLENT (A) GOOD (B) FAIR (C) POOR (D or F) SUMMARY Meaningful thesis clearly identified Thesis identified Vague thesis identified No thesis identified (40% of grade) Lots of relevant quotations Some relevant quotations Few relevant quotations No relevant quotations Entire book well summarized, Most of book summarized, Some summary, Little or no real summary, related to thesis sometimes related to thesis thesis neglected thesis ignored CRITICAL Describes author’s sources Mentions some sources Barely mentions No discussion of ANALYSIS and how they were used and how they were used author’s sources author’s sources (50% of grade) Provides many pertinent examples Provides some examples Mentions author’s Ignores author’s use of of author’s use of evidence of author’s use of evidence use of evidence evidence Demonstrates author’s effective- Discusses author’s effective- Barely mentions Ignores author’s ness with many examples of ness with some examples effectiveness effectiveness, logic, bias, and plausibility
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Unformatted text preview: of logic, bias, and plausibility with few examples no pertinent examples STYLE & Follows format instructions Mostly follows format Follows some Format instructions REFERENCES carefully and completely instructions format instructions not followed (10% of grade) Well-proofread paper, few errors Some errors Many errors Mostly incoherent Uses proper Chicago style in Some use of Chicago Little use of Chicago No use of Chicago references (footnotes or endnotes) style in references style in references style in references See circled comments above. Your grade on this assignment is circled below. The point value of your grade (0-100) is indicated here as well. Consult your syllabus for information on how much this point value will count in your final grade in the course. A+ = 98 B+ = 88 C+ = 78 D+ = 68 F = 50 (submitted on time) A = 96 B = 86 C = 76 D =66 A- = 92 B- = 82 C- = 72 D- =62 F = 0 (no submission)...
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Book Review Grading Rubric - of logic, bias, and...

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