Project 2 Description - 173B Acquisition Project Detail of...

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173B – Acquisition Project – Detail of expectations Please NOTE the expectations as each omission of an item costs points. See deadlines in the Schedule and in Assignments when posted. PROJECT Acquisition VALUATION & Analysis Project Presentations Presentation time: 25 to 30 minutes (shorter will hurt you as it shows lack of preparedness). JUSTIFY your acquisition or EXPLAIN why it does not make sense (i.e. you don’t have to pick a new one if the numbers don’t work under any scenario you can try!). Alternately, if a company SPINS off a division where sufficient financial information is available from , you may evaluate that. Background Despite the economic crisis, acquisition activity continues especially in some sectors like healthcare, and may accelerate as other industries consolidate and some players become “bargain targets” (my term): 1. Roche is still acquiring Genentech 2. Several other pharmaceutical or biotech ones 3. Possible car company acquisitions 4. More banks being acquired (however, I do not recommend doing your project on banks unless you work for or plan to work for one and want to get into the differences there) There is a LOT of information on the WEB from the companies who have announced mergers or acquisitions to discuss the justifications in terms of synergies, etc. You will need to explore various company provided avenues to learn faster…EVEN if you may be doing a fictitious acquisition there is a treasure trove out there. a) Investor/conference presentations b) Company earnings calls c) Industry/company analyses that are free d) etc. If the target or acquirer is foreign, same level of information may or may not be available.
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Project 2 Description - 173B Acquisition Project Detail of...

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