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Unformatted text preview: Project Advisors’ Workshop September 25, 2006 1:00 – 2:30 PM IRC 308 Phyllis M. Connolly, Graduate Coordinator Supporting Nursing Research Serving in the role of either First or Second Advisor for graduate students’ projects supports nursing research Teacher­Scholar role enhanced through Project advising Service to students demonstrated through Project advising Student Outcome Graduate Program Submission of manuscript to Submission professional journal is the culminating activity demonstrating advanced practice competency in critical thinking, communication, therapeutic nursing interventions, and research research Graduate Publications Somervell, A. M., Saylor, C., Mao, C. (2005). Public health Somervell, nurse interventions fo women in a dependecy drug court. Public Health Nursing, 22(1), 59 – 64. Public Luther, E. , Canham, D., & Young-Cureton, V. (2005). Luther, Coping and social support for parents of children with autism. The Journal of Gerontological Nursing, 31 (4), 12 – Gerontological 18. 18. Lee, D., Connolly, P. M., Dietz, E. (2005). Forensic nurses’ Lee, views regarding medications for inmates. Journal of Psychosocial Nursing, 43(6), 1 – 7. Psychosocial Litarowsky, J., Murphy, S., & Canham, D. Litarowsky, (2004).Evaluation of an analphylaxis training program for unlicensed assistive personnel, Journal of School Nursing, 20(4), 57 – 62. 20(4 Role of First Advisor Guide the entire research process Facilitate the application for SJSU IRB-HS; Facilitate include Human Protection certificate include Communicate with Second Advisor regarding Communicate plans for participation, authorship, and expected role expected Prepare student for Orals & participate Approve final manuscript Sign “Signature Form” Hood Student during Convocation and/0r Commencement Role of Second Advisor Consultant to First Advisor Provide feedback in content Provide areas and APA when needed directly to First Advisor directly Make recommendations for Make needed changes to First Advisor needed Sign off on “Signature Form” Participate in Oral examinations FAQ TIME Commitment? Generally students complete the Generally Project within 2 semesters so you will have initial contact at the end of one semester as the student submits their proposal to SJSU IRB-HS SJSU Next semester the project is Next implemented and written up which will require at least 3 rewrites rewrites FAQ: Second Advisor & Time Generally there is much less time required of the Second Advisor. You should discuss the time­line and plan with the First Advisor to be sure you are aware of expected submissions for your review. Most First Advisors make editorial changes and have a nearly finished manuscript before requesting your input. IRB­HS SJSU All research at SJSU must be submitted to SJSU All IRB-HS IRB-HS Students must get approval from the appropriate Students agency in which the project will be conducted agency The first Advisor must sign the application for The IRB-HS & include certificate from “Human Participation Protections Education for Research” Students need to complete the online CE program Students also and provide you their certificate also Authorship (NURS 297) The student is always the first author The first Advisor is the second author The role in relationship to authorship must be The discussed between the First and Second Advisor, unless otherwise discussed the Second Advisor is the 3rd author. This means Second however that all authors have contributed ”significantly” to the work (see course description NURS 297 and APA guidelines). This includes all professional presentations FAQ What if there is a conflict between Advisors? 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Talk, not email, each other Really listen to the person’s Really concerns concerns Mull things over, consider Mull each others perspectives each Consult with me anytime Do your best to resolve it Do not involve the student Role model professional Role scholarly behaviors scholarly Supporting Resources NURS 297 Course Description & syllabus Application for Advisor Signature Form Culminating Experience Form—final document for student to obtain award of degree Helpful Resources IRBwebsite IRBwebsite Human Participation Protections, online course, Human IRB Coordinator, Alena Filip 924-2477 fax; [email protected] 924-2479 924-2477 [email protected] IRB Workshop for students and faculty October 18, 6-8PM IRB Engineering Room 333 Engineering 6.pdf Helpful Resources Cont. Graduate forms: http:// http:// Graduate Studies: Newsletter Newsletter Graduate Program Nursing and Graduate My faculty SJSU Web Page, What is in it for you? You will be supporting nursing research Keeps your research skills honed Offers you an opportunity for publication Supports goals of the graduate program Provides role modeling & mentoring for Provides students students Demonstrates altruism Provides evidence of “Service to Students” RTP Provides student access to your expert Provides knowledge knowledge Take the Challenge— BE a Project Advisor “Advancing knowledge to improve health of the world’s people” ...
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