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Reading response 2

Reading response 2 - 6 Trinh Questions 1 There are six...

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Comm 115P/241R Professor Shawn Spano Reading Response #2: The World of Difference Directions : Read the scenario and brief conversation below and answer the questions that follow in two or so paragraphs (1 page). Please type your response and turn it in on the day we discuss it in class (Tues, Feb 9). Scenario : Trinh and Becky live on the same floor in an apartment building in San Jose. They recognize each other as neighbors but have never spoken. One day, Trinh and Becky are in the elevator together. No one else is there. The following exchange takes place: 1. Becky : “Hello neighbor. My name is Becky. What’s your name?” 2. Trinh : “Trinh” 3. Becky: That’s a funny name. Where are you from?” 4. Trinh: “Right here in San Jose” [smiles mischievously]. “Where are you from?” [Awkward silence] 5. Becky: “I’m embarrassed. I thought you were from someplace else.”
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Unformatted text preview: 6. Trinh: ___________________________________________________ Questions: 1. There are six “speech acts” in this conversation (they are numbered). For the first five acts, interpret what you think Becky and Trinh were trying to do. What do you think they mean by what they said or did? 2. Now look at the relationships between the first five acts (act 1 & act 2, act 2 & act 3, 3 & 4, etc.). How does each act respond to the one preceding it? How does each act evoke particular responses to it? What do you think is compelling the participants to act and respond to each other in the way they do? 3. Using your imagination, fill in speaking turn #6 with a specific act (i.e. verbal and/or nonverbal statement) that Trinh might perform in the flow of the conversation at that moment. In what way does the new speech act change the nature of the conversation?...
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Reading response 2 - 6 Trinh Questions 1 There are six...

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