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1 I. APPLICATION Attached. II . PROJECT TITLE Santa Cruz County “Roots and Wings” Phase II Evaluation III . INVESTIGATORS AND STAFFING NAME OF INDIVIDUAL QUALIFICATIONS ANTICIPATED RESPONSIBILITIES Amy D’Andrade MSW PhD Project coordination and supervision; administration of survey; statistical analyses Kathy Lemon Osterling MSW PhD Interviews, observations, writing and analysis, supervision of RA, other as needed. Joyce Felix MSW; paid RA on project Administration of survey, other support work as needed. Primary Investigator(s) Signature: ________________________________________________________ IV . INVOLVEMENT OF OTHER INSTITUTIONS Letter from Santa Cruz county DFS indicating support is attached. V . ABSTRACT This research project continues the evaluation of the Santa Cruz County Human Services Department (HSD) “Roots and Wings” Initiative. The Roots and Wings (R&W) Initiative expands recruitment and support services provided by the HSD to foster, relative and adoptive caregivers of children receiving public child welfare services. We complete evaluation of Phase I of the Initiative 9/30/09; this project evaluates Phase II. The Phase II evaluation has two main objectives. First, the evaluation will document and analyze R&W Initiative implementation activities to provide HSD with an understanding of successful and challenging aspects of implementation efforts, so that on-going efforts can be adjusted accordingly to improve overall outcomes of the R&W Initiative. Second, the evaluation will track outcomes related to the initiative efforts and assess change over time. These objectives will be achieved via a qualitative process study and a quantitative outcome study. The qualitative process study will involve 1) interviews and focus groups of key stakeholders such as service providers and social workers; 2) unobtrusive observation at R&W Initiative meetings, events, and services; and 3) interviews and focus groups with key R&W Initiative service providers and consultants. The quantitative outcome study will involve 1) the administration and analysis of a customer satisfaction survey for caregivers; and 2) an analysis of a) publically available data, and b) administrative data related to caregiver recruitment and application processes provided by the county. Customer satisfaction surveys will be administered foster, relative, and adoptive caregivers who provided care for a child in 2009. 1
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2 VI . HUMAN SUBJECTS INVOLVEMENT A. SUBJECT POPULATION QUALITATIVE Participants in the study include: 2-5 adult social work supervisors; 5-20 adult current or former foster and/or adoptive parents; 5-10 adult staff members of the initiative who hold key coordinator positions. QUANTITATIVE
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IRB protocol example 1 - 1 I. APPLICATION Attached. II....

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