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BUS2 131D Michael Merz, Ph.D. Minor Project 3—BUS2 131D The following exercise is to be done in your groups. Only one paper should be handed in for the group. All group members will receive the same grade but this grade will be reduced for those members for whom the peer evaluations indicate less than equal participation. While it may be tempting to divide the assignments up between the group members, doing so may jeopardize your individual grade. Also, keep in mind that you are allowed to fire group members that do not contribute to the outcome of your project. This assignment is to be turned in at the beginning of the class on the assigned day. It should be typewritten and look professional; appearance counts. The assignment should be typed double-spaced using Times New Roman and a 12 pt. font. It should not exceed five double- spaced pages (without cover page, appendices, reference list; just the write-up of the assignment). Provide references in the write-up wherever appropriate. All of the references used for your assignment must be listed on a separate piece of paper, the reference list.
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