Comparison of Gender in Indian and Chinese society

Comparison of Gender in Indian and Chinese society - India...

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Gender discrimination continues to be an enormous problem within Indian and Chinese society. Together, China and India represent one third of the world’s women population. Both are enormous countries that are undergoing rapid economic, political and cultural change. Yet, in both China and India women’s groups and movements are at work at different levels enabling and empowering women. The experience gained so far in slums, villages and middle class sectors is enormous. Compare the changes in the status of women in China and
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Unformatted text preview: India since the 1940s. Which government has been more successful in achieving its stated goal of gender equality? What specific problems has each government tried to address? What factors have affected their success? Do use outside sources to answer your prompt. Amartya Sen’s “One Hundred Million Women Missing “ and China and India 1914-1997” would be particularly helpful in your analysis. Please do cite all the sources, check your grammar and typos. The analysis paper is due in class on 14 th of April, 2010....
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