Minor Transitions 100W

Minor Transitions 100W - ONE IN A SERIES OF WRITING TIPS...

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Unformatted text preview: ONE IN A SERIES OF WRITING TIPS FROM THE CTL Which Way to the Point? Signposts Through Your Prose Few writers question the neeci {or transitions as a technique tor leading reaziers through a piece 0t writing. One ot the easiest ways to move trom one itiea to the next is to use words or phrases that indicate relationships hetween thoughts. Because thoughts can he related to one another in a variety 0t ways, you want to select the word(s) or phrase(s) that hest suit the relationships you are trying to express. Below is an extensive list of worcts or phrases you can use to signal those relationships. To indicate comparison: again corresponding in the same way similarly and equally like too also turthermore likewise as well (as) in addition (to) moreover comparably in ettect resembling To indicate contrast: atter all even so in spite 0t or although even though nevertheless otherwise at least tor all that not only still hut grantect notwithstanding unlike 13y contrast however on the contrary whereas conversely in contrast (to) on the other hanci yet To indicate Sequence or time: after eventually lately subsequently atterwarct finally meanwhile temporarily all this time first, second, etc. next then as soon as tollowing not long atter thereatter at last tormerly now thereupon at length immediately presently at the same time in the tirst place, etc. previously when hetore in the iuture shortly while currently in the meantime simultaneously during last since earlier later soon To indicate place: ahove close hy in the toregroumi opposite acijacent to far away near at hanci there helow turther haclz nearby to the right, etc. heneath here next (1001' to the west, etc. hesicte in the Liistance on the other sicie under To indicate cause and effect: accortiingly as a consequence as a result (0 ) laecause (0t) To indicate emphasis: assurele certainly chiefly clearly equally especially even more important evidently To indicate summary: consequently finally in a word in lariet in conclusion To indicate examples: an illustration as an example for example To indicate qualification or concession: atter all by and large tor the most part consequently due to hence it tollows tl'iat turtliermore in addition to in tact in particular in truth incidentally incleecl it is true in ettect in tact in other worcis in short in simpler terms tor instance in particular lilze granted, I admit in most cases resulting trom since so then moreover perhaps naturally oliviously oi course really similarly surely in sum on the whole that is therefore tlius namely specitically 811011 as mainly naturally oi course therefore thereupon thus to lae sure truly understandably umioulatezily very lileely without doubt to conclucle to put it another way to sum up to summarize that is thus to illustrate sometinles to be sure with tew exceptions You may luave other favorite transitional words; the lzey is to use them to leati the reader ettortlessly tluougll your paper. For a discussion oi otlier transitional clevices, please consult our handout, Navigate the River of Your Ideas: Let it Flow. PREPARED BY THE CENTER FOR TEACHING AND LEARNING OF BROOKENS LIBRARY 460 K. Jagu HE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS AT SPRINGFIELD 217-206—6503 ...
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Minor Transitions 100W - ONE IN A SERIES OF WRITING TIPS...

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