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Transistor_homework3 Solutions - Homework#3 Solutions 3.1...

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Unformatted text preview: Homework #3 Solutions 3.1 For Vi > 0, Vo = 0. For Vi < 0, Vo = Vi. The resulting waveform consists only of the negative "humps" of the original cosine wave. Each hump has a duration of 0.5s and there is a 0.5s gap between each hump. Special Problem: Find a transistor (internet) that can deliver 12 volts and up to 1 amp continuously. List part number, manufacturer, transistor type (BJT, FET), current rating, and cost. Try Allied, Mouser, or anything else. (This is a typical task you will need to do on Term Project) Solution (just one of infinite possibilites): Transistors that are above the mA range are called power transistors. Since we want 1 amp continuous, let's grab one rated for 2 amps and 20 volts. From (they have a nice search menu). Manufacturer: Fairchild Part Number: BD239 Transistor Type, BJT (NPN). I know it's BJT because it has a base/collector/emitter As opposed to gate/drain/source for FET's. Current Rating: 2 Amps collector current maximum. Note, that since this is a power transistor, the Vce_sat (saturation voltage) is .7 volts instead of the .2 volts for smaller transistors. Cost: 51 cents. Link provided by mouser to Fairchild datasheet: Note: This particular one was a little sparse, most are 4 or more pages that includes graphs. ...
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Transistor_homework3 Solutions - Homework#3 Solutions 3.1...

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