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Basic Info Religions Chart

Basic Info Religions Chart - patriarchs = Abraham Isaac...

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Abrahamic Transcendent Monotheistic Religions – Basic Information Category Judaism Christianity Islam Names and forms of Names Judaism Christianity Islam Israel (people) Christians (people) Muslims (people) Jewish, Jews ummah (community) Place of Worship synagogue, temple church mosque Sacred Books Torah New Testament Qur'an Hebrew Bible Old Testament= Hebrew Bible hadith (traditions of prophet) Mishnah+Gemara=Talmud Founders/Dates of Founding
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Unformatted text preview: patriarchs = Abraham, Isaac, Jesus Christ Mohammed Jacob/Israel, ca. 1850 BCE Apostles, Paul rightly-guided caliphs Rabbis, ca. 100-500 CE ca. 30-100 CE 610-665 CE Locations Holy Land - Israel starts in Palestine starts in Arabia diaspora - Jews forced from spreads through Mediterranean spreads through North Africa, Holy Land and move to Europe, and Europe Asia: West, South, & Southeast Africa, and Asia Languages Hebrew is sacred language Latin was sacred language Arabic is language of Qur'an of Catholic church Internal Divisions Orthodox Roman Catholic Sun'ni Conservative Eastern Orthodox Shi'ite Reformed Protestant denominations rev. 6/04...
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