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Dept. of Recreation & Leisure Studies Instructor: B.J. Grosvenor San Jose State University Office: SPXC 51 (924-3006) Spring 2004 E-mail: [email protected] Office Hours: 8:10 - 8:50 a.m. 2 nd E-mail: [email protected] Tuesdays & Thursdays Recreation 90 - Foundations of Leisure and Recreation Catalog Description Field of parks and recreation; history of development of the recreation profession; survey of recreation and leisure services. Course Objectives The purpose of this course is to help students: A. Develop an awareness and understanding of the scope and significance of leisure in the patterns of behavior and culture across all elements of American society. B. Develop awareness and understanding of the roles of the leisure services professional. C. Develop historical and philosophical perspectives of the leisure patterns and the ability to relate these to the growth of the leisure movement into the next millennium. D. Recognize and relate how leisure may be integrated into our lives as an essential part of our basic lifestyles. E. Assess personal career paths in relationship to the recreation and leisure service profession. F. Examine the philosophies of multiculturalism and diversity as they relate to service delivery in the recreation and leisure field. Text Leisure and Life Satisfaction , Foundational Perspectives Authors: Edginton, C.R., Jordon, D. J., DeGraaf, D.G. and Edginton, S.R. Publisher: McGraw Hill, 2002 Methodologies The teaching methodologies will include students collaborating to resolve problems posed during simulations and activities. Students will use class discussions, lectures, and research efforts to complete individual projects. In addition, the course will facilitate students thinking critically, speaking publicly, and articulating their positions in writing. Notes on the Course and Assignments Note: The more you elaborate and explain your responses in the written assignments, the more you will find the resulting insights very interesting, helpful, and contributing to a growing personal experience. I EXPECT YOU TO GIVE ALL YOUR PAPERS SERIOUS AND THOUGHTFUL EFFORT! A. All assignments are due on the date indicated in the Course Syllabus. Assignments turned in more than one week late will not receive any credit . B. Every assignment must have a title page, with the exception of homework. Ask instructor for guidelines for homework C. All papers must be typewritten/word processed and double-spaced. D. Only original work (no copies) is accepted. E. Use the American Psychological Association (APA) guidelines to format all papers. F. Correctly, cite all references/sources. G. Significant points are deducted from all assignments for incorrect spelling, grammar, sentence structure, neatness, and formatting etc. Be proud of your work!
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Course Requirements and Assignments 1. Research Article Review and Presentation a. Research Article Review - Paper Students are required to obtain a printed copy of a refereed journal article that pertains to their
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recls_90_grosvenor - Dept. of Recreation & Leisure Studies...

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