Elementary School Years

Elementary School Years - CHAD 60 9-18 Nov 09 ELEMENTARY...

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CHAD 60 9-18 Nov 09 ELEMENTARY SCHOOL YEARS INTRO Importance of Peers juvenile era less “dramatic scenes” of separation from parents forming of friendships COGNITIVE CHARACTERISTICS Concrete Operative Thinking begins around age 6 “yes, but what if. ...” do not want to accept one-dimensional ideas reversible transformations ex: can take a ball of play-dough, break it up into many pieces, put it back together  and it is the same ball of play-dough b/c same ball, big ball and small bits must be same amount of play-dough can use reasoning/ logic, not just what eyes see, to make conclusions about the world multi-dimensional thinking is available allows understanding of addition/ subtraction, multiplication/division Reflective rational, think through everything, very thorough may appear slow in classroom do not like to be rushed Implications: happy in early education by 2nd grade has given up b/c classroom goes too fast & not given chance to parti- cipate comfortably Impulsive speed is of the essence say the first thing that comes to mind Implications: will be noticed, feel very much part of the classroom frustrated with grades, etc. b/c impulsive answers not always right Tendencies exist since birth, but do not really become important until school age
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CHAD 60 9-18 Nov 09 Wait Time: amount of time a teacher will wait for a particular student to answer a question usually about 2-4 seconds
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Elementary School Years - CHAD 60 9-18 Nov 09 ELEMENTARY...

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