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Evaluation Criteria Many arguments involve evaluating something: proposals to solve a problem, or a social custom, a medical practice, an economic strategy, and so on. This involves establishing criteria your audience can agree are important. These include Pragmatic, Ethical, Legal, and Aesthetic consideration. Pragmatic : objective, practical considerations include cost (can we afford it), efficacy (will it fill our need, solve our problem?), feasibility (will it fit our schedule, resources?) Ethical: Ethical considerations strive to answer the question “Is it right?” Obviously, this is harder in a heterogeneous society such as ours that has more than one code of conduct dictated by different religious beliefs, different moral philosophies, different cultural traditions. International disputes often involve discrepancies of this kind. Legal: This is usually simpler than the ethical considerations, but questions of “Is it legal?” can sometimes conflict based on jurisdiction (e.g. An immigrant family from
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