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SW 212 (HBSE) – FALL, 2007 Instructor: Laurie Drabble This assignment provides students an opportunity to research and critically analyze a scholarly article that is relevant to the student’s interest area. The purpose of the assignment is to allow students to develop and practice skills in information literacy, critical thinking, and understand the role of theory in social work practice and research. The critical analysis paper is due on Session 7. LIBRARY SEARCH Students will conduct a library search to identify a current (within the last 5 years) peer reviewed, scholarly article in their area of interest that is related to a social work intervention, theory or model for practice with individuals or families. Students are expected to find an article of interest through the SJSU library. Articles/chapters from this class or other classes in the MSW program may not be used for this assignment. The article may be a literature review, a meta-analysis, or a research study. In some cases, students may be allowed to use chapters from
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Critical_Analysis_Paper212_2007_2 - Critical Analysis Paper...

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