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Objectives To identify entryways to conferences and events on renewable energy . Specifications Measurements: Scale model, 1 inch=1 foot, maximum size 6"x6" (width and depth from base to top)x12"(height); a foam-cor rectangle or other indication of the ground on which the sign stands may not exceed 8"x8" Colors/materials: Any colors on any shapes made with flat, opaque, rigid and/or flexible panels (an actual sign would be constructed of panels faced with digital prints) Final: Present a fully assembled, freestanding model notes: Use of the existing The Energy Foundation logo is neither required nor encouraged; all other graphic elements must be created by you. There are no type family restrictions. While all DSGD 105 projects can be conceptually distinct from one another, they should be regarded as part of an integrated campaign of materials, with appropriate visual relationships tying them together as a set.
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Unformatted text preview: Required copy The organization name, The Energy Foundation , and web address, www.ef.org , must appear on the sign. No other specific text is required; however, any appropriate headlines, taglines, phrases, statistics, quotes, or other messages may be proposed. the phrase “renewable energy” may be integrated into any project, but is not required. Schedule 3/24 w * sjsu faculty furlough day, no class 3/29 m * spring break 3/31 w * spring break, cesar chavez day, no class 4/5 m * sjsu faculty furlough day, no class 4/7 w project 3 sketch review (discovery) 4/12 m project 3 group critique (exploration) 4/14 w film screening 4/19 m project 3 small group review (refinement) 4/21 w project 3 small group review 4/26 m project 3 due project 3: dimension outdoor sign san jose state university / spring 2010 / dsgd 105 intermediate graphic design 3/22/10 P. 10...
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