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Preliminary Review Sheet, Ex1, F09 Revised 9-13-09 p. 1 Preliminary REVIEW SHEET EXAM I: HUMAN SEXUALITY, Mukhopadhyay GENERAL GUIDELINES : Exam questions will be based on class readings, lectures, discussions and films/VTs. Use your class notes in two ways: l) To review major concepts & material covered in class, the primary focus of the course and of the exam. Much of this material is NOT available in the textbook or in the Course Reader. But it is essential. 2) As a GUIDE for reading and reviewing material IN the textbook and Course Reader. This review sheet can be used in the same way. It is particularly useful as a guide to key elements that should be in your notes; but also as a guide for reading and reviewing the HD textbook chapters, indicating which sections, concepts, and topics are most important for this class, especially for the exam. The BOLD and italicized terms in the textbook, boxed definitions, and chapter summaries and review questions are also useful study aids for the HD material. Readings from the CR primarily serve to illustrate the range of sexually-related beliefs and practices in human cultures. For each reading, you should be able to recognize the author's name; the name and general geographic location of the group; and key sexuality- related features described in the article, especially as they relate to the four major sexuality- related themes discussed in class. Do NOT try to memorize details of each culture but in CR1, do be aware of some of the basic features of their culture [including economic- political-social organization, size, living arrangements, environment, etc] REVIEW SESSION : : To be scheduled if sufficient demand. Date/Time:________________________ MATERIAL COVERED: H&D: Chapters 1, Ch.2, Ch3, Ch4, Ch-5, 8 & 19. See Revised Reading Assignments from Class Notes and on the Course Website to see if only specific pages of the chapters are required. For all chapters, it will be useful to read the chapter summary. Also see below for reading suggestions, emphasis, and some key terms for each of the Text book readings. Don’t over study details. Use class notes and this Review Sheet as a guide to what’s important. Course Reader: Articles 1, 25. For each article, think about how it relates to key course themes. Both of these articles provide a cross-cultural comparison [and some key contrasts] with sexuality in the “West” [meaning U.S./European & Judeo-Christian cultural traditions]. KEY TOPICS/CONCEPTS FOR EXAM. The concepts and approaches below come primarily or solely from Mukhopadhyay/class lectures, although supplemental material and examples are also found in the book. Cultural Approaches: Major Course Themes : 1) How culture shapes natural biological capacities, desires, needs 2) Culture as a “system” of interrelated parts [sexuality is linked to other parts of the cultural system 3) Cultural Variability [cultures vary] 4) Culture is a Human Invention Related concepts: *natural” vs. “unnatural” aspects of human sexuality.
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REV1-f09 - Preliminary REVIEW SHEET EXAM I: HUMAN...

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