MAS 10A essay #5

MAS 10A essay #5 - Fall 2009: MAS 10A Essay #5 How Free...

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Fall 2009: MAS 10A Essay #5 How Free Were They? Mexico is a perfect example of the how a declaration of freedom does not necessarily make it so. The decades that followed the Mexico-Spain war were not the joyous times that the Mexican people had hoped for. Separation from Spain meant Mexico no longer received the monetary benefits of the relationship so Mexican people experienced more extreme levels of poverty. Political unrest also made it hard for Mexico to establish a solid government. Furthermore, racism continued to be used as a tool to suppress Mexican people and slaves. These factors created turmoil for the Mexican people, instead of enjoying freedom from Spain, Mexico was burdened by post independence challenges that created an environment much like the one from which it had already freed itself. When the Spanish Crown left Mexico, they left behind a bankrupt government. The mining industry had not recovered after the war and there were not enough resources available to keep the Mexican population nourished (Menchaca, 162). Mexico needed a strong government
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MAS 10A essay #5 - Fall 2009: MAS 10A Essay #5 How Free...

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