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ART 158- ADVANCED DRAWING Fall 07 MON-WED 3:30-6:20pm INSTRUCTOR: GALE ANTOKAL , Associate Professor OFFICE: A315 PHONE: (408) 924-4404 HOURS: Tuesday 9:00-1:00p, or by appointment POLICE: 911 ESCORT 4-2222 EMAIL: Gale.Antokal@sjsu.edu It is not in your best interest to enroll in a class that you are not ready for. Check the prerequisites carefully. I reserve the right to evaluate your portfolio. Prerequisites: Art 24, Art 25 or 26, Art 55A or 112A or Art 156 In special cases: Approval of Instructor DESCRIPTION In Advanced Drawing, students are encouraged to carefully define and clarify their goals as independent artists. This means being asked to figure out what kind of work is most important to you-and then doing it. This approach gives a student total freedom, and with it comes total responsibility. Instead of structured assignments, you must encounter the problems and uncertainties as well as the pleasures of a working artist. For students still not certain of direction, encountering a class that is not “assignment based” may be initially intimidating. However, we will engage in a series of drawing practices and investigations that will serve as a launch pad towards a deeper understanding of personal expression. You will investigate the multi-faceted process of making a drawing. Different approaches to drawing are designed and explored in order to initiate creative process, generate and evaluate ideas, and to help define and examine personal limitations. Every few weeks I will schedule a slide lecture and discussion to introduce new ideas, help define vision, and focus on various mark-making processes. This will also include slide shows that address current concerns and trends in drawing. WHAT ARTISTS DO YOU WANT TO TALK ABOUT? This will add critical component to our dialogue. “Works on Paper” is currently undergoing a renaissance in the art world. Collector demand has increased and drawing shows are proliferating at many museums and galleries across the country and abroad. There are more and more artists who are choosing paper as their primary medium. I recommend that you research the popular art periodicals with the objective to read the articles on contemporary drawing. GOALS I hope to create a hospitable and encouraging atmosphere in our Advanced Drawing Class where we can exchange ideas, theory and process and to critically assess skills. We will be looking at a broad range of drawing influences, past and present.
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158_Greensheet_SP_07_copy - ART 158- ADVANCED DRAWING...

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