50-04GrshS10 - PHYSICS 50 SEC.4 Instructor: Office:...

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PHYSICS 50 SEC.4 MECHANICS Spring 2010 Instructor: Dr. IRINA BERMAN Office: Room: Sci. 312 Tel: (408) 924 5268 E-male: iberman@jupiter.sjsu.edu Class hours: Room: SCI 253 M,W,F: 11.30-12.20 Office hours: M , W,F: 10.30-11.30;12.20-13.30 T, R : 10.20-12.00 Required Textbooks University Physics , Young & Freedman : Vol. 1, 12 th edition. Also required: “Mastering Physics” Student Access Kit for online course materials. General remarks : Physics 50 is the first semester of four-semester sequence of courses in basic physics for science and engineering students. In this semester, we will study chapters 1-14 (Units and Vectors, Motion in Two or Three Dimensions, Newton’s Laws, Work and Energy, Rotational Motion, Equilibrium and Elasticity, Gravitation, Periodic Motion, Fluid Mechanics), and chapter15 (Mechanical Waves). Homework : Due as indicated on the assignment sheet. Students are required to register online to access the homework website, and do homework online . The online homework is interactive, with feedback and hints available. The grading is immediate, so you can know how you are doing without waiting for instructor grading and consequent delays. If you buy a new book, it comes with a package called “Mastering Physics,
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50-04GrshS10 - PHYSICS 50 SEC.4 Instructor: Office:...

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