119-S10-E1,3,4 - History 119-Spring 2010-Prof. Bernhardt...

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History 119—Spring 2010—Prof. Bernhardt Source Essay Assignment: Choices One, Three, and Four Essays: general information : Choose one of the following essays. Your essay should be about 1750 words in length (that is, aobut seven typed, double-spaced pages—and not more that 2000 words; check via a word count on your system), typed or printed in 11 or 12 size characters (please use an easily readable font), with one-inch margins. Supply the essay with a cover sheet, staple or paper clip it in the upper left-hand corner, and please do not put in any kind of external folder. The essays should be analytical and comparative rather than merely descriptive. Please reread the course syllabus regarding the papers. Due : Wednesday 14 April 2010 Essay on the writings of St Augustine’s Confessions and St Benedict's Rule Discuss and analyze the various readings of St Augustine ( Confessions , City of God , and On Christian Doctrine ) that we examined and St Benedict's Rule as prime examples of the new religiosity of the late antique world and of the transformed Christian focus(es) of the Early Middle Ages. Compare and contrast the religiosity presented in both and discuss how
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119-S10-E1,3,4 - History 119-Spring 2010-Prof. Bernhardt...

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