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JMystMagFolklore F2009

JMystMagFolklore F2009 - RelS JwsS MdES 108 Jewish...

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RelS / JwsS / MdES 108 Jewish Mysticism, Magic and Folklore Fall Semester, 2009 Course Information Instructor: Dr. Mira Z. Amiras Department: Comparative Religious Studies, Humanities Department Course Codes: RelS 108: 47744 || JwsS 48744: || MdES 108: 48745 Class Time / Location: Mon 1:30 – 4:15 / SH 241 Office Hours: Mon & Wed 12-1:15 and 4:30-5:45 PM or by appointment Office Location: Clark Hall 437 Office Phone: 408 924-1364 Department Fax: 408 924-4372 E-mail: [email protected] || prefer: [email protected] Preferred Contact: Office hours / email || Please do not email drafts or assignments Faculty Website: http://sjsu.edu/people/mira.amiras/ Middle East Website: http:/sjsu/middleeaststudies/ Download Mideast Minor Form here Course Description This course introduces Jewish sacred texts, cosmological concepts, mystical language, folklore, and magical beliefs and practices from ancient times to the present. We will be using primary sources in translation, including Talmudic commentary, debate, grammatical analysis, allegory and analogy as means of reaching underlying meaning and altered experience. We will contrast Talmudic legalism with the ecstatic, mystical traditions elaborated in Kabbalistic texts and explore the folklore in both Talmud and Kabbalah. Concepts covered include notions of masculine and feminine aspects of the Godhead, competing understandings of the nature of the Shekhinah (Patai’s ‘Hebrew Goddess’), Adam Kadmon (the ‘Primordial Man’ or ‘Evolving Human’), mystical symbols embedded in the Hebrew alphabet and grammar, the Tree of Life, Sephirot, Tarot, and gammatria (numerology). Ancient, Talmudic and Kabbalistic approaches to spirituality will be compared. We will be interested in correspondences and contradictions, as well as in the universalism of Jewish mysticism. We will explore the relationship between mysticism and TIKKUN OLAM , global healing, throughout the term. No prior knowledge of Hebrew, Bible or Jewish studies is required for this class. Required and Recommended Readings Primary Texts — Select at least ONE of the following First Reading: (Select one of the following) Cohen, A., trans./com. E VERYMAN S T ALMUD Kaplan, A., trans./com. T HE L IVING T ORAH (bilingual edition only) Kaplan, A., trans./com. T HE B AHIR Kaplan, A., trans./com. S EFER Y ETZIRAH Secondary Texts — Select at least TWO of the following Additional Readings: (Select one of the following) Abrams, J. T HE W OMEN OF THE T ALMUD Biale, D. E ROS AND THE J EWS : F ROM B IBLICAL I SRAEL TO C ONTEMPORARY A MERICA Buber, M. L EGENDS OF THE B AAL S HEM T OV Davies, T. M AGIC , D IVINATION , AND D EMONOLOGY AMONG THE H EBREWS AND THEIR N EIGHBORS Dresner, S. T HE W ORLD OF A H ASIDIC M ASTER : L EVI Y ITZHAK OF B ERDITCHEV Erlanger, G. S IGN OF THE T IMES : T HE Z ODIAC IN J EWISH T RADITION
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Dr. Mira Z. Amiras RelS/JwsS/MdES 108 J EWISH M YSTICISM , M AGIC , F OLKLORE Page 2 Ginzberg, L. T HE L EGENDS OF THE J EWS (multiple volumes) Ginzberg, Y. T HE A LEPH -B ET : J EWISH T HOUGHT R EVEALED THROUGH THE H EBREW L ETTERS Halevi, Z. T HE A NOINTED (novel) / (and other works) Halevi, Z. S CHOOL OF THE S OUL : I TS P ATH AND P ITFALLS Halperin, D.
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JMystMagFolklore F2009 - RelS JwsS MdES 108 Jewish...

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