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The company’s corporate finance, tax, and all the budgeting and accountingfffcompaSan José State University Fall, 2005 College of Business Department of Organization and Management David Hover, Instructor Career Plan Discovering Business Business 10 Due October 10, at the beginning of class. Individually, prepare a 6-page, double-spaced plan for the development of your career over the next 10 years. At a minimum, your paper should address your goals in your Education (major, degree(s), club participation, internships, study abroad, training programs, etc. at SJSU or elsewhere), Occupation (function, field, employer, job title, location, etc.) and Personal life (family, social, hobbies, activities, travel etc.). In addition to identifying the above goals, your paper should discuss how you plan to achieve those goals, including what you need to do in the short, medium and long term. A good place to start is an honest assessment of your existing skills and areas your think you need to make
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Unformatted text preview: improvements. Ask yourself what you need to do to prepare yourself for your objectives. Beyond the issues of planning discussed in class (planning for yourself or in a company have many parallel issues), the Prologue in your textbook discusses some of the issues. The career center at SJSU, the internet and the library may also be useful in developing your plan. The papers will be graded on the following points: content (Did you address the issues in the assignment?), style (Is the paper well organized, clearly written, formatted efficiently and free of spelling errors?) and analysis (Did you think through the necessary steps to achieve your goals? Have you examined what it is you need to do to get to where you want to be?) Please, paper only. Binders, plastic cover sheets, folders etc. are not necessary. Late papers will not be accepted. 1...
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