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AMS1B S10 California Government Assignment (This replaces the Budget Assignment in the Syllabus: 5% of course grade) Objective : Students will experience and learn in depth the California education budgetary process and take a stand on the issue of funding for K-12 and/or Higher Education in California. Instructions : 1. Attend the Statewide Day of Action at the 7th St. Plaza on SJSU campus. Observe carefully your experience at the rally and the experiences of those around you. Listen to the speeches and look at the signs people are carrying and any chants or yells you hear. 2. As soon as possible after the rally, write down your thoughts, observations, and experiences. 3. Research the current budget issues regarding funding of higher education in California. For example: Why is funding being so severely cut? What constitutional issues are involved? How is money being distributed? How are California ʼ s institutions of higher education trying to make ends meet without money? What are
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