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Outlining Workshop Due: March 1 This engagement is designed to provide you with classroom time to work on developing your demonstration speech outlines. In addition to meeting the basic components of your demonstration speech outline, you will also be introduced to other components of outlining that will help you develop your outlines for Speech 2 (informative) and Speech 3 (persuasive). Procedure: Please turn in one copy of your rough outline to the instructor at the beginning of the workshop. In groups of three, trade your demonstration rough outlines and delivery your speech to your group the way you would on the day of the speech. Provide peer feedback using the supplied peer feedback form. Please adhere to the principles of constructive feedback and discussed in class.
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Unformatted text preview: You will trade outlines twice so that each person should complete two peer feedback forms. Note: It is okay to write comments on your group members’ rough outlines to visually convey feedback (this is why you were required to supply two copies of your rough outline). Please make sure that the name of the reviewer (person providing feedback) is in the upper left corner of the feedback form and the name of the person being reviewed in the upper right corner. Take 5-7 minutes to verbally share your feedback with your group members (this is a good time to ask the instructor questions as well). Criteria for Evaluation: Two copies of rough outline: 10 points Peer feedback form #1: 5 points Peer feedback form #2: 5 points Verbal reflection: 5 points Total: 25 points...
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