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LEARNING OBJECTIVES {b#yr@ brsdapEr, ps@ld bableb: 1 W4bnd tu idufy codltfu dddve b @Fcdon and olluslon 2 Oudhe how anbhstand.ntumoiE laws affect domdc and inbrnabqal 3 ,fub@ bw lHulrEaild cFbllihg influs@ @@ttvedynamlc 4 l&ntrr tu dnv* ror ab&, @tuatl*, ad signal @ 5 IIgJs bw M fims fight mul0nahal enbDng= (ilNb) 6 btuFb in trc Mlng d&E crerni@ ompditlre dynamlG 7 hw impli@boG fd tu CCMPETITIVE DYNAMICS competitive dynamics - acti.ns and rest nses undertaken by compethg flrn6 to.v\u-r \ 4.r.,\tr. .xrxr.- qv\\)N) \\rq )r,\ coMPETrrroN, ccoPERATrON, AND COLLUSION antitrust laws - laws attemptlng to curtail antlco mDetitlve busineFD-EttG prisoners' dilemma - h game theory, a type of game in which the outcorne depends on two partles decldhg whether to cooperate or to defect game theory - branch of rmthernatlcs that studles the interactions between two competing parties ccMPETrTrON, COePERATICN, ANI COLLUSION CollUSiOn - collective attempts between competing nrrns to reduce competltlon in output- and prlce-flxlng explicit cellusiOn - lrnE dlrectly nggtiallls olipg! an _lp!g!g_gnd d_!yiql!g. rngjl$ cartel - lnvolvinq *ltfdfrflilEEl r pnisor.rEes' oirer"rnan ion nimrr.rei PAYOFF STRUCTURE (AS5I]V|NC A TO-TA! OF 2CN PASSENGERS) Arin 1 B keeF pice "r'_9,_ B $ +oF F#c- !t Slm
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Cooperation and Cellusirn concentration ratio - p€rcentage oftotal industry sglglaccounted for by the tSp_!gg-lgFt-?@tr9 price leader -.tlrn_that has a dqmlnant market sha-re and sets -acceptable" prrces and rErglns ln the lndustry capacity to punish - flrm that
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Ch11SlidesandNotes - LEARNING OBJECTIVES cfw_b#yr@ 1 W4bnd...

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