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Nurs 127B Exam #1 Study Guide Historical points of Public health/community health nursing (eg. how did community health nursing begin in the United States and which population became the focus of care?) Examples of primary, secondary, tertiary prevention (see the examples in the text regarding levels of prevention and intervention) Examples of aggregates, communities, neighborhoods (what are the defining characteristics/compare and contrast aggregates and communities) Legislative processes: Regulations – how are regulations made? Lecture: Beth Davis week 5 (chain of infection model) Compare and contrast acute care and community health nurse practice Agencies: official/voluntary (how do you differentiate?) Health insurances: medicare, Medicaid, etc (see text and syllabus slides – we didn’t get to spend much time on this during lecture, so review information in the text and the ATI book) Learning theories and examples of theorists: eg. Maslow, Piaget, Bandura, etc. Healthy People 2010 goals and health indicators
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Unformatted text preview: • Health Belief and Health Promotion models and how they are used • OMAHA system: components of • Phases of home visit and examples of each phase • Modes of transmission of infectious diseases (airborne, vector, direct contact, etc) • Types of immunity (herd immunity, etc.—if discussed in Beth’s lecture) • Reporting requirements for reportable diseases and conditions (eg. communicable diseases and chronic illnesses) • Epi triad and application in acute and chronic disease investigation • Interventions for infectious diseases—where would controls be implemented for outbreaks ATI book resources: • Page 15 – shows host, agent, environment examples • Page 33—chapter 6, Community Health Education • Page 39 to 47 – chapter 7, Community Assessment and Diagnosis • Pages 56 & 57 • Pages 82-93 –Nursing Care of Aggregates in the community • Pages 114-124 – Chapter 13 Community Protection: Control of CDs...
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