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Unformatted text preview: Listen • Speak • Engage Kahn – COMM 100W The Grammar Festival Presentation (15+ points) Your group will “teach” your assigned chapter to the class. Your presentation should last around ten minutes, and may take any form (game, dramatic scene, story, multi-media presentation, circus, film, sports event, interpretive dance, puppet show, mock television show, performance art, comic skit, etc.) Your group is also responsible for producing a one-page handout for the class, and for providing copies for everyone. The examples you use to illustrate your concepts must be specific to San Jose State. In other words, you must write your own example sentences, and they must be about SJSU. This project is worth up to 15 oral presentation points. Extra credit will be awarded for entertainment value, music, sound effects, costumes, props, choreography, special effects, etc. You will also have the opportunity to earn participation points by evaluating other groups’ presentations, and...
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