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TitleIVE2 - Deiag of Graduation A student who cannot...

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Unformatted text preview: Deiag of Graduation A student who cannot complete graduation requirements on time because of personal hardship or disability may request postponement ot repayment of the stipend for one year. This request must be approved by SJSU and by CaISWEC. if granted, hardship postponements may be extended for one additionai year. At the end of the postponement period the student must return and complete hisi‘ner education or repay the stipend. A waiver ct repayment may be made in the case of permanentdisability or death. Work Reguirements Students must make a good faith effort to secure employment in a public CW8 agency in California upon graduation. Sc-hoois wili assist students by providing information about job openings and application procedures. Students who are not current public CW8 employees must apply to at least all the public CW8 agencies within 75 mites of their homes. Students who are employees of a county or state CWS agency must return to that agency and render one year of continuous and satisfactory tuil time empioyment (at a ievet appropriate to a new MSW) for each year of stipend support received, if a position meeting these requirements is not availabie in the agency to which service is owed) the graduate must apply for and accept an equivalent or higher position in a county'CWS agency within a 75~miie radius of herlhis home, or in California Department of Sociai Services, Child Weitare Division, if no Qualifying position is available within 6 months of graduation. graduates wiii' be regained to apply for and accept a position with any county CW3 in the state of California. it no such position is availabie: graduates may request permission to accept a position in a related county program or nonprofit agency serving lV-E eligible child weiiare clients, or a CDSS agency serving children and families, American indian students with tribai rights may complete the work requirement in the following alternative settings: . A reservation or rancheria providing CW8 in Caiifomia . An Urban lndian agency in California serving 'anEE eiigible children and famiiies . A reservation providing CW8 in another state ' Work interruption A graduate who terminates quailfying employment before the work requirement is completed must repay the stipend. The graduate may request postponement of repayment due to personal hardship. Such a request must be approved by the school and by CalSWEC and may be extended for one additional year. At the end of the postponement period. the graduate must return and complete herihis work requirement or repay the stipend. A waiver of repayment may be made in the case of permanent disability or death. lithe graduate is laid~oft because of county budget cuts and cannot secure employment in a public CW8 agency within the State of California, repayment may be waived. Repayment Reguirements Students are responsible for repaying the stipend, interest and coilection costs, under the following circumstances: a Failure to complete ail MSW requirements within the normative 2~year period (unless a hardship extension is granted) - Failure to accept appropriate employment e Failure to quality tor employment as a result of faiiing an interview? medical or psychological exam‘ or criminai clearance . Felony or misdemeanor conviction which disquaiifies applicant for county employment, or any conviction invoiving harm to children a Voluntary termination of empioyment before completion of the work requirement (unless a hardship extension is granted) . Termination of empioyment before completion of the work requirement due to poor work or improper conduct . Vioiation of the NASW Code of Ethics The University will determine interest rates. collection costs and repayment schedules Fuii repayment must be made within five years. if you wouio‘ like further information about the Titie iV-E Program visit our website at wwwsg'suedu/fitiezie. Revised 01/18/07 ...
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