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Use the Gershoff, Aber, and Raver (2005) article in your reader to design an effective program to alleviate poverty and improve well-being in children living in poverty. Your program should be detailed, specific, and well-justified (i.e., when you include an element in the program, note that it has been found to produce positive results (have an example). You should address the following issues: A A brief justification of why we need an anti-poverty program (i.e., 3 negative effects on children). B The processes that mediate the impact of poverty on child development (2 examples)
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Unformatted text preview: C How you will measure poverty D The exact elements you will include from each of the types of programs described in Gershoff et al. in your own program (e.g., Family Directed Income Supplement – provide earned income tax credits). E Length of time the program will last. F Justify with concrete evidence your choices in C and D above (from Gershoff et al.) G use as many and different program elements as you think are appropriate – do not limit yourself to only one or two program elements...
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