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Problem 4, 130C - isolated, denatured , and characterized...

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Problem 4 (Due March 17) a) CpG islands occur in eukaryotic chromosomes at about one-fifth their expected random frequency. Suggest a mutational process that would eliminate CpG islands from the genome. Cultures of fibroblasts from healthy individuals and from patients with a type of xeroderma pigmentosum labeled XPG were irradiated with UV light. The DNA from these samples was
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Unformatted text preview: isolated, denatured , and characterized by analytical ultracentrifugation. b) Explain why the DNA from the fibroblasts of normal individuals showed a significant reduction in molecular weight whereas the DNA from the XPG fibroblasts showed no such reduction. Which component of the nucleotide excision repair system appears to be defective in patients with XPG?...
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