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Eat Here Speech (S10)

Eat Here Speech (S10) - 5 Construct a 60-90 second pitch...

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Eat Here Speech Name: 1. Think about one of your favorite (or least) places to eat. Keep a few in mind as you proceed with this worksheet. 2. Think about the audience (your classmates). What are some demographic characteristics you can guess about them? (Fill in relevant data) Age group: # of males: Level of education: # of females: Income: Geographic location: 3. From the demographic data you’ve extrapolated, what are three qualities/ characteristics your audience would want (not want) in a restaurant? a) _________________ b) __________________ c) __________________ 4. Which of the restaurants you brainstormed from #1 best fit the qualities from #3:
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Unformatted text preview: 5. Construct a 60-90 second pitch persuading the audience to eat (or not eat) at this restaurant using the following format: a. Introduction (get our attention, give us the thesis statement, preview main points) b. Body (at least two reasons persuading us) c. Conclusion (recap main points, urge for an action, wrap it up) 6. You may use one 4x6 notecard which you must turn in after your speech. 7. The points for this assignment will be broken down as such: a. Notecard = 5 b. Organization = 5 c. Content = 5 d. Delivery = 10 Deliverables due on Tuesday, February 2: -Notecard -Worksheet -60-90 second speech...
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