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Play observation assignment - Play Observation To help...

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Play Observation To help students understand children’s play in contemporary society, students will observe children’s play in the SJSU toddler and preschool labs on campus in order to recognize the interaction of social institutions (i.e., child care centers), culture (i.e., gender role expectations, ethnicity), and environment (i.e., indoor and outdoor play areas) that shape the nature of young children’s play. Students will use an objective, reliable, and valid measure (PLAY: Farmer-Dougan & Kaszuba 1999) of children’s play to help categorize and understand what they observe. Half the class will observe toddlers and half the class will observe preschoolers. In both cases, students will observe 4 children (1 Euro-Anglo boy, 1 Euro-Anglo girl, 1 non Euro-Anglo boy, and 1 non Euro-Anglo girl) once when they are outdoors and once when they are indoors). Students will write up their observations. You should begin by describing the four children you are observing (age (preschool versus toddler), gender, ethnicity (roughly Asian, African American, Latino, Middle Eastern, South-East Asian, Polynesian, Native American, or Euro-Anglo), the clothes they are wearing, who they are interacting with (teacher, peers, # of peers), and what activity they are engaged in. This should be done for both indoor and outdoor observations. You should use the labels from the observation code to discuss the play you observe and explain why the children fit into that particular category. Next, in your write-up, you will compare and contrast the types of play you observed by location (indoors vs. outdoors), gender, and ethnicity. You should read the article by Farmer-Dougan and Kaszuba (1999). Their results can help you place your results in context and will help you to understand what you observe. Feel free to (and I strongly
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Play observation assignment - Play Observation To help...

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