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Some thoughts on Gandhi film

Some thoughts on Gandhi film - country realizes that we...

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Some thoughts on Gandhi film 1. What are the choices the filmmaker has made in presenting Gandhi on the screen? Is it a historical narrative? If it is, what are the tropes he has chosen to present Gandhi on the screen? Why does the film begin with his death scene, funeral procession, not with birth the usual pattern of life history narrative? 2.If we human beings are the products of our society, culture, history, how these play out in the film Gandhi? 3.Gandhi is called a Mahatma by the poet Rabindra NathTagore much later in his life. But many people believe that Gandhi really became a Mahatma in South Africa. What incidents in the film you pick out as examples of his Mahatmaness? 4.One obvious thing anyone of us who have been out of our
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Unformatted text preview: country realizes that we become acutely aware of our identity and markers of that identity when we go to another country. For example, Americans going to Mexico, France or Italy, missing their food, language and their people. Similarly, Gandhi becomes aware of his people’s marginality when he is in South Africa. And he starts to change his lifestyle, e.g. food, costume, religion (deep conviction in Hindu, Jain and Buddhist thoughts) to empower himself and in doing that also empowers people like himself. What are your thoughts on this issue? Please feel free to develop your own ideas and insights on the issues discussed in class. Also use readings along with the film to elaborate on your ideas and observations....
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