Family Impact Checklist

Family Impact Checklist - Assessing the Impact of Policies...

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The Institute aims to strengthen family policy by connecting state policymakers with research knowledge and researchers with policy knowledge. The Institute provides nonpartisan, solution-oriented research and a family impact perspective on issues being debated in state legislatures. We provide technical assistance to and facilitate dialogue among professionals conducting Family Impact Seminars in 28 sites across the country. The Policy Institute for Family Impact Seminars adapted the family impact checklist from one originally developed by the Consortium of Family Organizations. The suggested citation is Policy Institute for Family Impact Seminars. (2000). A checklist for assessing the impact of policies on families (Family Impact Analysis Series No. 1). Madison, WI: Author. The checklist was frst published in Ooms, T., & Preister, S. (Eds.). (1988). A strategy for strengthening families: Using family criteria in policymaking and program evaluation. Washington DC: Family Impact Seminar. For more information on family impact analysis, contact Director Karen Bogenschneider of the Policy Institute for Family Impact Seminars at the University of Wisconsin-Madison/Extension, 3rd Fl Middleton Bldg, 1305 Linden Drive, Madison, WI 53706. Phone (608) 263-2353 FAX (608) 265-6048 ©2000, The Policy Institute for Family Impact Seminars Family Impact Checklist The first step in developing family-friendly policies is to ask the right questions: ► What can government and community institutions do to enhance the Family’s capacity to help itself and others? ► What eFFect does (or will) this policy (or program) have For Families? Will it help or hurt, strengthen or weaken family life? These questions sound simple, but they can be diFfcult to answer. These questions are the core oF a Family impact analysis that assesses the intended and unintended consequences of policies, programs, and organizations on family stability, family relationships, and family responsibilities. Family impact analysis delves broadly and deeply into the ways in which families contribute to problems, how they are affected by problems, and whether families should be involved in solutions. Guidelines for conducting a family impact analysis can be Found at
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Family Impact Checklist - Assessing the Impact of Policies...

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