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I.D. # 001983840 – Bus 187 – Tidbit #1 Tidbit #1: “Beijing shows off new airport terminal” San Jose Mercury News, posted on 9/12/2007 at http://www.mercurynews.com/portlet/article/html/fragments/print_article.jsp? Beijing finally showed off its new international airport. The total cost of the airport is 4.6 billion dollars and the fully operational due date is set for July 2008, just in time for the Olympic in Aug. 2008. To make the space necessary to build this new engineering marble, the city had to relocate over 10,000 residents. Zhang, the general manager, of the project stated that the residents were compensated for the home or business and were relocated to a nice place for them to start a new life. The residents thought differently. They were outraged to lose their home and business and get forced out of the city that they grew up in. Zhang also stated that no complaints were filed against the company or the government. Beijing is growing. The rates of travelers are increasing noticeably. The travelers in
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