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3. Sensing principle used in a LVDT _ ELECTROMAGNETISM _ 4. The _ PHOTOELECTRIC __ is a phenomenon in which photon energy (i.e. from light) releases electrons from their otherwise more stable state on a surface 5. A _ QUATER BRIGE _ uses a single strain gage with three fixed resistors 6. Temperature-dependent resistance is the sensing principle used in_ THERMISTER _ 7. SPL is a measurement of sound strength on a _ dB_Logrithmic _ 8. A _________ is a common device for quantifying fluid velocity based on stagnation pressure 9. 8-bit binary representation of 121 is__ 0111_ 1001 ____ 10. A photoelectric tachometer has 24 equally spaced reflectors on the disk. If 600 cycles per second are detected the rpm of the shaft is _________ _______________________________________________ 1. Under-sampling results in __ ALIASING __ 2. ___ UNCERTAINTY __ is an estimate of the magnitude of error, typically expressed in terms of a confidence interval within which the error lies.
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