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9/30/2008 Eng 100WB Pg 54 Revised Current laws of United States derive from age-old debate. These debates trace back to the days of Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians. The Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians published extensive literature on abortion techniques. Much of the literature written by them was pro-abortion. Plato, one of the well known Greek philosophers, strongly urged that all women that are pregnant over forty should have abortions. Then came Hippocrates, a Greek physician, as known as “father of medicine,” in apposed to the idea of abortion. Hippocrates condemned abortion in the belief that the soul is created at the moment of conception. But the Greek law stated that fetus was not human and that the soul was not formed until the moment of birth, therefore it is fine for women to have
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Unformatted text preview: abortion. The actual prohibitions against abortion came about as a product of Christian philosophy. The Didache was the first Christian writing which branded abortion as “Murder in advance.” As Hippocrates did, Christians believed that even fetus have a soul and should be considered human. Than the Christian dogma was written and came into many conflicts with roman customs. A few years later the new idea on abortion was introduced in England. The idea was that, when the mother starts to feel the movement of the baby, the fetus is considered alive, as known as the motion of quickening. Another few years later the United States adopted this concept into its laws. Even till this day the debate still goes on....
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