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San Jose State University Spring Semester 2010 RelS/Anth 122 Magic, Science and Religion Dr. Mira Z. Amiras Cover Sheet — Library Research Paper Due April 28 th 100 points Name(s):___________________________________________________________ INTRODUCTION: What made you select the theorist you did? Discuss the contribution your theorist makes to the understanding of both individual and societal transformation. ANALYSIS: How would your theorist approach 1) Jean Rouch’s film Les Maîtres Fous (shown in class), 2) one film from Column 1 on the MSR Film List, and 3) one film from Column 2 on the MSR Film List. What would your theorist be interested in and why? What would his/her analysis include? CONCLUSIONS: What do you learn from applying your theorist’s approach (above)—whether or not this was a topic s/he specifically addressed in his/her own writing? Give a specific example from your theorist’s writing that you found particularly helpful in your analysis. What, in your assessment, is the value of the contribution of your selected theorist’s body of work?
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