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Karmic Enlightment-Directed Religions from India – Basic Information Category Hinduism Buddhism Sikhism Names and forms of Names Hinduism Buddhism Sikhism Saivism/Vaishnavism Dharma (people) Hindus Buddhists Sikhs (community) sangha (monastery) (Punjabi for 'disciple') Place of Worship temple temple, monastery gurdwara Sacred Books Vedas Dhammapada
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Unformatted text preview: Adi Granth Sahib Upanisads Sutras Bhagavad Gita Founders/Dates of Founding Vedas written 1500 BCE Guatama Buddha 500 BCE Guru Nanak 1500 CE Guru Gobind Singh 1700 Locations India starts in India North India - Punjab spreads through East Asia and and SouthEast Asia Languages Sanskrit is sacred language Pali was sacred language eclectic mix of Indian languages in Adi Granth includes Punjabi, Urdu, Hindi, and Sanskrit Internal Divisions Bhakti (devotion) Theravada khalsa (pure) Yoga (discipline) Mahayana Marga (works) Vajrayana (Tibet) Jnana (knowledge)...
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