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Note 2-4-2008 - BUS 80 US laws are based with English laws...

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BUS 80 2/4/2008 US laws are based with English laws. State Court System – Involved with the Law Traffic Tickets Fixing Tickets Stolen Car Small Claims – Account Receivable Bad Service – Restaurant, Dental Lab Traffic Accident – Death, $6 million settlement Kick out of the party – sited for loudness Car Accident Banking Fraud Police lying and giving ticket Consumer Law Civil Law Civil Rights Criminal Law Shop Keeper’s Privilege Money vs. Life CH 1 Introduction to law and legal reasoning Law is about predictability. Law is placed to knowledge people what the rights and the obligations are. Law is framework. Jurisprudential – study of the principles of the law Natural Law – killing is wrong - oldest law Positivist School – law is king!!!! Historical School – Law changes over time. Legal Realism – Law is only good as what is going on today. Past laws could be bad. **********************Sources of Law************************************* - Constitution - Statutory Law - Federal, State, and Local - Administrative Regulations
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- Case law and common law Stare Decisis – stand on things that have been decided.
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