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Disc 4 - ChAD 106 Discussion#4 New World Perspectives...

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Unformatted text preview: ChAD 106 Discussion #4 New World Perspectives Indian Children in Early Mexico (Tanck de Estrada, 2007) Directions: Discuss the following topics with your group. Choose one member to record a summary of your group's responses. 1. What were "pueblos de indios?" 2. Children in Aztec Mexico (1325-1521) a) How were infants and mothers treated? b) Discuss the different chores of boys & girls. c) Discuss education- similarities & differences between genders, social classes, age groups, etc. d) Overall, how were children viewed/treated during this time? 3. Indian Children during the 16th century a) What were the 2 main objectives of the friars, and in what specific ways did they accomplish these goals? b) How were the Indian children viewed compared to the Spanish children in New Spain? 4. Daily Life of Native Children a) Discuss the infant and child mortality rates. -How did it contribute to the stagnancy of the New World population? -How did it contribute to family size? b) What was home life like for the Indian children in New Spain? 5. Indian Schoolchildren a) What changes in education occurred from 1690 to 1770? from 1750 to 1770? from 1770 to 1808? b) Discuss what school was like for children during these times. c) How does looking at the educational system of the New World give us an insight into the views of children? ...
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