EDTE_216_October_1_AGENDA - and Assessing Students as...

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EDTE 216 October 1, 2008 AGENDA 5:00-5:10 View Video of Running Record and Miscue Analysis 5:10-5:55 Review Handouts on Miscue Analysis Self-Assessment—Miscue Analysis 5:55-6:25 Demonstration of Miscue Analysis—Tape, Analysis, Selection of Miscues, RMA 6:25-6:35 Break 6:35-7:10 Think Aloud (Pair-Share/Whole Class Discussion/Strategy Tools) 7:10-7:25 Cloze 7:25-7:40 Introduction to Writing Assessment 7:40-7:45 Written Reflection and Replace Chairs to Standard Line-up Homework: Read Anderson’s Assessing Writers, pp. 1-54, about Why assess; Developing an assessment lens;
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Unformatted text preview: and Assessing Students as initiators of writing Do Try-Its cloze Do Try-Its assessing students as initiators of writing Essential Understandings How to use retrospective analysis to diagnose strengths of readers and to guide students towards stronger strategy use. How to use a checklist to assess students as initiators of writing. How to use a cloze to assess understanding of comprehension. How to use think aloud to teach and measure comprehension strategies....
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EDTE_216_October_1_AGENDA - and Assessing Students as...

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