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Workshop Schedule 10B S10

Workshop Schedule 10B S10 - MAS10BSection03...

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MAS 10B • Section 03 Barrera/Covarrubias Extra‐Credit Grad Mentor Workshops • Spring 2010 Each session you attend boosts your grade by 5 points to your overall grade. (Believe it: Those points really add up!) All events begin at 6:00pm and are located in YUH #30 (unless otherwise indicated) D ATE E VENT Tuesday 2/9 Tips for Success in this Course In this workshop, you’ll learn strategies for taking notes for each of our two professors, how to make the most of the readings, ways to prepare ahead of time for the portfolios . . . and much, much more! Thursday 2/18 Time Management Workshop Get some new ideas from Ana on how to organize your time. Thursday 3/11 Catching up on notes/Preparing for Portfolio I Missed any classes? Need clarification on the notes you do have? Come to this session for help and ideas for tackling the portfolio questions. This class is a follow‐ up to the in‐class portfolio check‐in scheduled for Monday, March 1 Thursday 3/18 Movie screening: Break of Dawn (location tbd) The true story of Pedro J. González, a popular radio personality from 1930s Los
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  • Barrera,Magdalena;Covarrubias,Jesus
  • Moviescreening, [email protected], TipsforSuccessinthisCourse Inthisworkshop,you'lllearnstrategiesfortakingnotesforeachofourtwo professors,howtomakethemostofthereadings,waystoprepareaheadoftime, ConductinganOralHistoryInterviewWorkshop GetstartedontheOralHistoryAssignment,asAnasharesherpreviousexperience conductinginterviews.Learnwhattodoandwhattoavoid, Impromptustudysessions&gettingtoknowclassmatesoutsideofclass Havecompanywhenyou'rereadingorevenjustdoingworkforotherclasses Catchinguponnoteswhenyou'vemissedclass

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Workshop Schedule 10B S10 - MAS10BSection03...

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