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SOC 160_Exam2 Study Guide_Universal Design_2010

SOC 160_Exam2 Study Guide_Universal Design_2010 - SOCI 160...

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SOCI 160 Exam 2 Study Guide Format Exam two is scheduled for May 25 at 7:15. I know it is very early but please be on time since I will only give out exams until the first person turns it in. Exam two will look similar to exam one. It will for sure have maybe 20 points worth of short answer/essay questions and about 30 points worth of multiple choice questions. Material Below is some material for you to consider as you study for the next exam. Note that this list is not meant to be exhaustive nor does inclusion on the list insure that a concept or term will be on the exam. From Lecture 8 Public Opinion Toward Immigrants, Symbolic Politics and Immigration: What factors/variables influence public opinion toward immigration? What is contemporary public opinion toward immigration and immigrants? What does it mean to say language is symbolically important? From Lecture 9 Undocumented Immigration/Immigrants: Describe the undocumented immigrant population in the United States. How many?
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