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ADAPTING YOUR SPEECH TO A SPECIFIC AUDIENCE Favorable Audience (Emphasis on Pathos) Remind the audience why they agreed with you and motivate them to action. Use emotional appeals; appeal to their values and needs. Expand on your call to action; offer several alternatives, and have them make a commitment and encourage them to get others involved. Make use of personal experiences; be creative, involved the audience by asking them questions and letting them respond, and use humor. You want to strengthen the audience attitude with a well-prepared and well organized speech. (Don’t get over confident and lazy.) Neutral Audience (Use a balance of Ethos, Pathos, and Logos) There are different reasons why an audience might be neutral: Uninterested audience: Work at getting their attention. Focus on how the issue affects them. Uninformed audience: Explain the issue, clarify confusing points. Use a lot of examples, definitions. For an informed, but undecided audience:
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Unformatted text preview: Acknowledge the other side and then refute it. Include some new arguments or information. Your credibility is critical in this case. Unfavorable Audience (Emphasize Logos and Ethos, use Pathos cautiously) Extensive evidence; organization, sound reasoning are important Use expert testimony, cite sources carefully Make sure your points have good evidence Stress common ground, win their hearts if not their minds. Set realistic goals: Dont expect to change their minds as much as changing their perspective Prioritize your goals; focus on a couple of key points Refute the opposing arguments without being judgmental and sarcastic. Acknowledge the opposing points of view, and then refute it. Unfavorable audiences are usually skeptical of emotional appeals. Although you dont want to be combative, stay firm in your position Dont incite your audience to anger, and dont use any name calling....
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