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I. PERSONAL CHARACTERISTICS A. FINANCIAL Level of Wealth Assets Value Liabilities & Equity Value Financial Assets Car Loan $ 20,000 Investment Portfolio $ 138,000 Mortgage on House $ 650,000 Retirement Portfolio $ 62,000 Mortgage on Vacation house $ 500,000 Total Liabilities $ 1,170,000 Real Wealth House $ 1,500,000 Equity $ 1,400,000 Car $ 70,000 Vacation House $ 800,000 Total $ 2,570,000 Total Liabilities & Equity $ 2,570,000 B. Personal 1. Risk Tolerance After scoring a 7 on the Risk Tolerance test, I’m considered as a moderate growth investor. I seek a moderate rate of return, but I am also willing to assume the possibility of loss in hopes of larger returns. I feel that this number is accurate and that I am willing to take a moderate amount of risk at this time in my life. 2. Planning Horizon I am 35 now and I plan on retiring when I am 60. My planning horizon will, therefore, be approximately 25 years. I will be planning for mine and my wife’s future and retirement. 3. Liquidity Needs As far as liquidity needs go, I will not need liquidity at all. I already have sufficient funds to support my wife and me on our vacation around the world.
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II. Investment Instructions
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