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SAN JOSÉ STATE UNIVERSITY School of Nursing – Graduate Newsletter Number 47 – Spring (January 2009) Providing excellence in nursing education through innovation and creativity to serve the needs of diverse communities. Graduate Coordinator Update There is nothing permanent except change SJSU SON Celebrates 50 Years This has been a very busy semester for all of us. We have all been challenged and yet we are meeting those challenges. I believe the rapid and pervasive changes in the economy and shifts in market forces have shaken many and have taken their toll. This shift in our stability forces us to reflect, prioritize and act in areas we didn’t consider before. I know that we have students who are struggling to stay in school, support their families and are stressed more than ever. With these recent economic strains, please be sure to apply for the Professional Nurse Traineeship and any of the other sources of funds available within the University and the School of Nursing (see Financial Assistance). Please talk with me and any of the faculty if you are having difficulties. Both the market changes and decreasing enrollment in the past 2 years in our School Nurse Clinical Nurse Specialist Option have led to a decision to stop admissions to the option after Spring 2009. We will continue to provide the required courses and advising for those students already in the program then place the option “on the shelf” as we have done with our Family Nurse Practitioner and Gerontology Options. This approach allows us to open admissions again in the future when the market demands. However this was not an easy decision to make. Dr. Canham, the School Nurse Coordinator and Dr. Young the former Coordinator are commended for maintaining the high quality of the program which meets both the CCNE accreditation and the CA Credentialing requirements. Our Moore Funded Nurse Educator post-master’s students from Cohort III completed their certificate on January 21, 2009 and will be teaching full-time for 1 year in any RN program in the designated counties in the Bay Area (see Special Recognitions). The master’s students in this Cohort will complete their MS in May 2009. Nine students successfully completed Orals which were held on December 11, 2008. We anticipate that 25 students will be completing Orals on May 14, 2009. Many students participate in Convocation (see What is Convocation?). The graduate liaison to the undergraduatesfor Convocation is Grace Lee for the Non-Moore students you can contact her at or (408) 826-1218. Neelam Murthi is the liaison for the Moore Nurse Educators or 408-425-8052. The undergraduate liaison will need the title of your project, so please be sure to forward that to Grace or Neelam in a timely manner.
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